JOHN McLAUGHLIN   (soundtrack)   MOLOM
Molom: A Legend Of Mongolia - original motion picture soundtrack
Music by John McLaughlin & traditional Mongolian songs feat. Trilok Gurtu

01. Um Mani Padme Hum (1:19)
      Performed by the Ulan Ude Choir, conducted by Dacheniema S. Dougarov
02. Molom Theme Song 1 (3:19)
03. The Boy's Theme 1 (2:19)
04. Breakfast - The Cave (5:48)
05. The Four Seasons (0:33)   Performed by Inch Taven
06. Horses (4:22)
07. Boudamchou (2:07)
      Performed by the Ulan Ude Choir, conducted by Dacheniema S. Dougarov
08. Little Girl's Theme 1 (2:56)
09. Cows In The Water (1:09)
10. The Man Hunts (1:43)
11. The Camel Walk (1:02)
      Performed by the Railway Culture Palace Orchestra, feat. Tsogt Saikhan
12. Hunting - The Witch (4:41)
13. The Boy Walks (1:02)
14. Melody (4:02)   Performed by the Mongol Folk Orchestra.
      Composed by Mend Amar, conducted by Luvsan-Sharav P.D.
15. The Dream Of The Boy (1:56)
16. The Boys Cries (1:26)
17. Traditional Song (2:59)   Performed by The Opera Choir.
18. Introduction Of The Boy To The Monk (3:42)
19. The Little Girl Says Goodbye To The Boy (1:10)
20. The Boy Leaves (5:02)
21. National Song (1:36) Performed by Chogtu
22. Molom Theme Song End (4:17)

Total playing time: 58:27

Produced by John McLaughlin
All songs composed by John McLaughlin published by BUMA/STEMRA except where noted
All songs performed by John McLaughlin & Trilok Gurtu except where noted
Recorded at Studio Ramses, Paris, France, Feb. 1994
Recording engineer: Pierre-Yves Roupin
Assistant recording engineer: Marc Demey

Traditional Mongolian songs recorded at Ulan Bator, Mongolia, Nov'93-Jul'93
Recording engineer: Jean Umanski
Assistant recording engineer: Andre Rigaut
Mastered by Didier Marc in June 1995 at Top Master, Paris, France

Liner photo: Lung Ta-Sygma
Design: CB Graphic

'In the land of Gengis Khan - a Shaman of 'old' guides a young man of today in his search for his destiny & ultimate truth.'

(P) © 1995 Polydor/Polygram S.A., France