01. Birds Of Fire (5:43)
02. Miles Beyond (4:37) (Miles Davis)
03. Celestial Terrestrial Commuters (2:53)
04. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love (0:21)
05. Thousand Island Park (4:37)
06. Hope (1:55)
07. One Word (9:53)
08. Sanctuary (5:01)
09. Open Country Joy (3:53)
10. Resolution (2:08)

Total playing time: 40:14

John McLaughlin: Guitar
Rick Laird
: Bass
Billy Cobham
: Percussion
Jerry Goodman: Violin
Jan Hammer
: Keyboards, Moog

All compositions by John McLaughlin
© Chinmoy Music, Inc. (BMI)

Produced by The Mahavishnu Orchestra
Engineering: Ken Scott, Trident Studios, London; &
Jim Green, Sony Music, New York, Sep-Oct 1972
Management: Nathan Weiss, 888 7th Ave., NY

Design by: Ashok (Chris Poisson)
With grateful thanks to: Ken Scott & also, to Elliott, Anthony, Nat, Lynne & all at Sony Music
Special thanks to Mansfield

    No more my heart shall sob or grieve.
    My days and nights dissolve in God's own Light.
    Above the toil of life my soul
    Is a Bird of Fire winging the Infinite.

    I have known the One and His Secret Play;
    And passed beyond the sea of Ignorance-Dream,
    In tune with Him, I sport and sing,
    I own the golden Eye of the Supreme

    Drunk deep of Immortality,
    I am the root and boughs of a teeming vast.
    My Form I have known, and realised,
    The Supreme and I are one-all we outlast.

    SRI CHINMOY © 1972 Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse
(P) © 1973 CBS Inc. (Columbia)
Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

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Birds 0f Fire