01. The Wait (5:31) (J.Beard)
02. Just Ideas (1:49) (M.Forman)
03. (For Joe Zawinul) Jozy (5:26) (McLaughlin)
04. Half Man Half Cookie (2:52) (B.Evans)
05. Florianapolis (5:34) (McLaughlin/M.Forman)
06. Gotta Dance (4:13) (McLaughlin)
07. The Wall Will Fall (6:05) (McLaughlin)
08. Reincarnation (2:57) (McLaughlin)
09. Mitch Match (3:54) (M.Forman)
10. 20th Century Ltd (2:31) (McLaughlin)

Total playing time: 40:58

John McLaughlin: Gibson Les Paul special, Mike Pedulla Guitar (for controlling Synclavier Digital Guitar)
Abraham Wechter: Acoustic Guitar
Bill Evans: Keyboards (4), Saxes, Tenor Saxophone
Mitchel Forman: Keyboards
Jonas Hellborg: Wal Double Neck Bass Guitar
Danny Gottlieb: Premier Drums & Paiste Cymbals, Ludwig Drums, Simmons SDS7, Sycologic PSP Drum Interface
Max Costa: Computer Programs & Drum Sequences

Produced by John McLaughlin
Recorded in January & February 1986 at Psycho Recording Studios & Sampling, Milan, Italy
Chief engineer: Craig Milliner
Computer programs & drums sequences: Max Costa
Recorded with Telecom C4 noise reduction by TDS additional electronic instruments supplied by Syncro Systems-Bosoni

(P) © 1996 Verve Records

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