Disc 1

01. Squonk (6:37)
02. The Carpet Crawl (5:20)
03. Robbery, Assault And Battery (6:02)
04. Afterglow (4:25)
05. Firth Of Fifth (8:55)
06. I Know What I Like (8:44)
07. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (4:58)
08. The Musical Box (closing section) (3:18)

Total playing time: 48:19

Disc 2

01. Supper's Ready (24:33)
02. The Cinema Show (10:58)
03. Dance On A Volcano (8:25)
04. Los Endos (3:13)

Total playing time: 47:09

Tony Banks: RMI Electric Piano, Hammond T, Organ, ARP Pro soloist Mellotron 400, Epiphone 12 String, Backing Voices
Mike Rutherford: Shergold Electric 12 String & Bass, B String bass, Alvarez 12 String, Moog Taurus Bass pedals, Backing Voices
Steve Hackett: Gibson Les Paul, Hokada 12 String
Phil Collins: Voice, Premier & Gretsch drums
Chester Thompson: Pearl Drums & Percussion
Bill Bruford: Ludwig & Hayman Drums & Percussuin (courtesy of E.G. Records Ltd.)
All drums Chester except:
'Robbery, Assault & Battery ': keyboard solo Phil
'Firth Of Fifth': Phil & Chester
'The Musical Box': Chester & Phil
'Supper's Ready: Apocalypse 9/8'- Chester & Phil
'Cinema Show': Bill Bruford, Phil keyboard solo
'Los Endos': Phil & Chester

Recorded in Paris 76/77 with the Manor Mobile
Mixed at Trident, London
Produced by David Hentschel & Genesis
Assisted by Neil Ross
Sleeve Photos: Armando Gallo (inc. front & back)
Robert Ellis & Graham Wood
Sleeve layout: A&D Design
Art Direction: Frank Sanson
Management: Tony Smith, Alex Sim & Brian

Craig Schertz: Sound
Alan Owen: Lights
T.H.: Asst. Lights
M.L.: Monitors
Dik Frazer: Tour Manager
Tex Read: Assistant Tour Manager
Dale Newman: Guitars
Geoff Banks: Keyboards
Andrew Mackrill: Drums
Harvey Baker: Stage erection & special effects
Randy Blair: Lasers
Hunter MacDonald: Lasers
Also Johnnny Roberts, David Schad & Ivan Crews, Showco Inc.,
Rainbow Lighting, Edwin Shirley Trucking

Remastered at The Farm & Abbey Road by Nick Davis, Geoff Callingham & Chris Blair

(P) © 1977 Charisma Records Ltd.

The Famous Charisma Label
Seconds Out