01. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold (4:35) (M.Rutherford)
02. Another Cup Of Coffee (4:42) (M.Rutherford/Ch.Neil)
03. Mea Culpa (6:20) (M.Rutherford/Ch.Neil)
04. Over My Shoulder (3:37) (M.Rutherford/P.Carrack)
05. Someone Always Hates Someone (3:42) (M.Rutherford/Ch.Neil)
06. The Ghost Of The Sex And You (6:24) (M.Rutherford/B.A.Robertson)
07. Web Of Lies (5:38) (M.Rutherford/P.Carrack)
08. Plain And Simple (3:59) (M.Rutherford/B.A.Robertson)
09. Something To Believe In (4:18) (M.Rutherford/Ch.Neil)
10. A House Of Many Rooms (5:39) (M.Rutherford/B.A.Robertson)
11. I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever) (3:11)
      (Stevie Wonder/Yvonne Wright)
12. Going, Going... Home (4:30) (M.Rutherford/Ch.Neil)
13. You've Really Got A Hold On Me (3:29) (William 'Smokey' Robinson)

Total playing time:

Mike Rutherford: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Paul Carrack: Vocals, Keyboards
Paul Young: Vocals
Peter Van Hooke: Drums

Gary Wallis: Drums
Adrian Lee: Keyboards
B.A. Robertson: Keyboards
Wix: Keyboards
Clem Clempson: Guitar
Andy Newmark: Drums on 11
Tessa Niles & Katie Cassoon: Backing Vocals on 4
Pete Beachill: Brass arrangements on 12
Rich Mendelson & Dave Frangioni: Drum loop programming on 13

Produced by Christopher Neil & Mike Rutherford
Engineered by Paul Gomersall
Assisted by Mark Robinson
Recorded at The Farm
'A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold' remixed by Nick Davis
'I Believe...' & 'You've Really Got A Hold On Me' recorded & mixed by Nick Davis
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland
Technical assistance: Geoff Callingham & Mike Bowen
Programming: Dale Newman
Catering: Angela
Artwork: Hills Archer Ink
Photo: David Scheinmann
Thanks to Tony Smith & Carol Willis Impey at Hit & Run Music

(P) © 1995 Virgin Records
Beggar On A Beach of Gold