01. Call Of The Wild (7:00)
02. Racing Shadows (7:11)
03. Destination (7:38)
04. Prisoner In Mind (4:25)
05. Silent Revolution (7:53)
06. Fire And Ice (5:09)
07. Eclipse Of Mankind (6:27)
08. Jeanne d'Arc (7:34)

Total playing time: 53:21

Frank Bornemann: Vocals, Guitars
Michael Gerlach: Keyboards
Nico Baretta: Drums
Klaus-Peter Matziol: Bass on 2,5
Detlev Goy: Bass on 1,6,8
Helge Engelke: Bass on 3,4; Rhythm Guitars on 4, Acoustic & Solo Guitars on 6
Kai Steffen: Solo Guitar on 5
Lenny McDowell: Flute on 1,3
Classical Choir on 8 arranged & conducted by Peter Chrastina

Composed & arranged by Frank Bornemann & Michael Gerlach
Lyrics by Frank Bornemann & Diana Baden

Produced by Frank Bornemann
Recorded & mixed by Gerhard 'Anyway' Wolfle at Horus Sound Studio, Hannover
Additional vocal recordings by Fritz Hilpert
Keyboard recordings by Michael Gerlach at his home-studio
Mastered by Hans-Jorg Mauksch of Pauler Acoustics, Northeim
Cover painting: 'Astrologica' by Albert Belasco

(P) © 1992 ACI Records, a div. of SPV GmbH
Distibuted by SPV GmbH, Hannover, Germany

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