01. Awakening (2:40)
02. Between The Times (1:50)
03. Memory Flash (1:56)
04. Appearance Of The Voice (1:13)
05. Return Of The Voice (1:07)
06. The Sun Song (4:55)
07. The Dance In Doubt And Fear (4:27)
08. Lost!?? (Introduction) (5:22)
09. Lost?? (The Decision) (5:02)
10. The Midnight Fight/ The Victory Of Mental Force (8:10)
11. Gliding Into Light And Knowledge (4:13)
12. Le Reveil Du Soleil/The Dawn (6:49)

Total playing time: 47:50

Frank Bornemann: Lead Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Klaus-Peter Matziol: Rickenbaker Bass Guitars, Road Amplification, Vocals
Detlev Schmidtchhen: Hammond Organ, Mini-moog, Mellotron, Piano, Grand Piano, RMI Keyboard Computer, Guitars, Vocals
Jurgen Rosenthal: Ludwig Drums, Paiste cymbals, Glockenspiel, Gongs, Timbales, Roto-Toms, Kettle Drums, Temple-Blocks, Voices, Steps
Orchestra arranged & conducted by Wolfgang Maus

Music by Eloy, lyrics by Jurgen Rosenthal
Produced by Eloy
Engineered & re-mixed by Georgi Nedeltschev
Recorded at Ton Studios Nedeltschev, Cologne, between Aug-Sept'76

(P) © 1976 Harvest/EMI Electrola GmbH