The Ultimate Collection Of Songs Re-recorded & Mixed in 1994

01. Escape To The Heights (5:08) ('Metromania')
02. All Life Is One (6:28) ('Metromania')
03. Nightriders (4:38) ('Metromania')
04. Follow The Light (9:46) ('Metromania')
05. Rainbow (5:14) ('Ra')
06. Voyager Of The Future Race (6:27) ('Ra')
07. Fire & Ice (5:09) ('Destination')
08. Call Of The Wild (7:00) ('Destination')
09. Prisoner In Mind (4:26) ('Destination')
10. Eclipse Of Mankind (6:27) ('Destination')

Total playing time: 60:50

Frank Bornemann: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Michael Gerlach: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Many special thanks to the following former members of the band, who have played a great part in realizing this reunion project:
Klaus-Peter Matziol: bass
Hannes Folberth: Keyboards
Hannes Arkona: Guitar
Fritz Randow: Drums

Very special thanks to the following artists for their outstanding performance on this album:
Nico Baretta: drums on track 7-10
Achim Giesler: keyboards on 'Rainbow'
& last but not least Amy, Jane & Sabine for their beautiful singing on 'Follow the Light', & Annette 'Joal' Stangenberg on 'Rainbow'

The songs from 'Metromania' are re-recorded & mixed in 1994!

(P) © 1994 ACI Records
Chronicles II