01. Bad Attitude (4:43)
02. The Unwritten Law (4:34)
03. Call Of The Wild (4:50)
04. Mad Dog (4:29)
05. Black And White (3:39)
06. Hard Lovin' Woman (3:24)
07. The Spanish Archer (4:56)
08. Strangeways (5:56)
09. Mitzi Dupree (5:03)
10. Dead Or Alive (4:42)

Total playing time: 46:49

All tracks by Blackmore/Gillan/Glover except 1,3,5 by Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord; 2 by Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Paice

Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar (Fender Stratocaster, Marshall Amplification, Roland Guitar Synthesizer)
Ian Gillan: Vocals, Congas, Harmonica
Roger Glover: Bass Guitar, Synthesizer (Peavey, Steinberger, Vigier, Yamaha QX1, Emulator 2)
Jon Lord: Keyboards (Hammond B3, Minimoog, Yamaha DX1, CP70 (MIDI), DX7, Emulator 2)
Ian Paice: Drums (Pearl, Paiste Cymbals, Vince Gutman's Marc System)

Produced by Roger Glover & Deep Purple
Engineered by Nick Blagona
Recorded at the Playhouse, Stowe, Vermont, USA with Le Mobile (Guy Charbonneau)
Mixed at Union Studios, Munich, W. Germany (Harry Schnitzler)
Mastered at Sterling Studios, New York by Greg Calbi
Digitally remastered by Suha Gur at Universal Music Group Studios

Management: Bruce Payne, Thames Talent Ltd.
Agency: Premier Talent Agency
Tour manager: Colin Hart
Production manager: Raymond D'Addario
Crew: Charlie Lewis, Cookie Crawford, John Murphy
Maintenance: Dawk Sound

Designed & photographed at Icon
Art direction: Andrew Ellis
Illuminations: Davies & Starr
House of Blue Light built by Eagles Models
Portraits by Dieter Zill
Thanks to: Phil Banfield, Don Bernstine, Barbara Crissy-Fucigna, Demse Sprouach, Deedee Humphreys, Diane Murphy

(P) © 1986, 1999 Mercury Records, a Universal Music Company
Marketed & Distributed in the UK by Spectrum Music, a Universal Music Company

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House of Blue Light