01. Comin' Home (3:52) (Bolin/Coverdale/Paice)
02. Lady Luck (2:46) (Cook/Coverdale)
03. Gettin' Tighter (3:35) (Bolin/Hughes)
04. Dealer (3:48) (Bolin/Coverdale)
05. I Need Love (4:21) (Bolin/Coverdale)
06. Drifter (4:01) (Bolin/Coverdale)
07. Love Child (3:05) (Bolin/Coverdale)
08: a. This Time Around (Hughes/Lord)
      b. Owed To 'G' (6:08) (Bolin) (instrumental)
09. You Keep On Moving (5:19) (Coverdale/Hughes)

Total playing time: 36:55

Tommy Bolin: Lead Guitar & Vocals
David Coverdale: Vocals
Glenn Hughes: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Jon Lord: Keyboards
Ian Paice: Drums
All instruments on 'This Time Around' are played by Jon Lord

Produced by Martin ('The Wasp') Birch & Deep Purple
Final mix by Martin Birch & Ian Paice
Engineered by Martin Birch
All the music contained on this album was conceived, written & recorded in Musicland Studios, Munich, West Germany, during 3d Aug to 1st Sept 1975

Cover design by Castle, Chappell & Partners Ltd.
Cover photo by Peter Williams
Group photos & inside spread photos: Dieter Zill by courtesy of Bravo magazine, Fin Costello. Also associated amateurs

2007 reissue executive producer: Joe Reagoso
Remastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios

(P) © 1975 Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd. under license to EMI Records Ltd.
(P) 2007 Warner Bros. Records Inc. (Friday Music lable)

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