01. Any Fule Kno That (4:27)
02. Almost Human (4:23)
03. Don't Make Me Happy (4:55)
04. Seventh Heaven (5:22)
05. Watching The Sky (5:22)
06. Fingers To The Bone (4:45)
07. Jack Ruby (3:47)
08. She Was (4:16)
09. Whatsername (4:26)
10. '69 (4:57)
11. Evil Louie (4:53)
12. Bludsucker (4:27)

Total playing time: 57:07

All songs by Gillan/Glover/Lord/Morse/Paice, except 12 by Blackmore/Gillan/Glover/Lord/Paice

Ian Gillan: Vocals
Steve Morse: Guitar
Jon Lord: Organ & Keyboards
Ian Paice: Drums
Roger Glover: Bass

Produced by Deep Purple/Roger Glover
Recorded at Greg Rike Studios, Atlamonte Springs, Florida 1997-98
Engineered by Darren Schneider
Additional engineering by Keith Andrews
Mixed at Platinum Post Studios, Orlando, FL by Darren Schneider
Assistant engineer: Kent Huffnagle with Shannon Brady
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Masterdisk, New York

Art direction: Ioannis for Vivid Images Worldwide
Design: Rob Andreoli, for Vivid Images Worldwide
Digital art: Ioannis
Manager: Bruce Payne, Thames Talent
Financial manager: Barbara Fucigna, Thames Talent
Agent: Neil Warnock, The Agency
Tour manager: Colin Hart
Production manager: Charlie Lewis
Travel manager: Diane Murphy

All titles published by Thames Overtures Ltd., Rugged Music Ltd. & Dislocated Music Publishing Ltd. (Thames Overtures Ltd. as exclusive administrator for Rugged Music Ltd. & Dislocated Music Publishing Ltd.) except track 12 published by Hec Music

In memoriam: Alan Perlman


(P) © 1998 Thames under exclusive licence to EMI Switzerland