The California Rehearsals June 1975, Part 2

01. Drifter (version 2) (Bolin/Coverdale) (4:04)
02. Sail Away Riff (Blackmore/Coverdale) (2:54)
03. You Keep On Moving (take one) (Coverdale/Hughes) (8:18)
04. Pirate Blues (jam) (Bolin/Coverdale/Hughes/Lord/Paice) (6:46)
05. Say You Love Me (Coverdale) (7:23)

Total playing time: 29:26

'In June 1975 DP booked in to Pirate Sound Studios on Beachwood Drive to rehearse with their new guitarist Tommy Bolin. It is from a couple of hours of tape of those rehearsal sessions (which survived forgotten for over 20 years) that 'Days May Come Days May Go' CD was assembled. In putting together that title, Purple Records wanted to make a strong single CD release. Anything which didn't fit for whatever reason was put to one side. Inevitably there was bound to be demand from fans who wanted to hear the leftover material, hence this further half-our of out-takes available as a mail order release.'

Tommy Bolin: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jon Lord: Keyboards
David Coverdale: Vocals
Glenn Hughes: Bass, Vocals
Ian Paice: Drums

(P) © 2000 Purple Records

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