01. Leon Takes Us Outside (1:25)
02. Outside (4:04)
03. The Heart's Filthy Lesson (4:57)
04. A Small Plot Of Land (6:34)
05. Segue: Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) (1:39)
06. Hallo Spaceboy (5:14)
07. The Motel (6:50)
08. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town (3:48)
09. No Control (4:34)
10. Segue (Algeria Touchshriek) (2:03)
11. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) (4:21)
12. Segue: Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name (4:01)
13. Wishful Beginnings (5:08)
14. We Prick You (4:35)
15. Segue: Nathan Adler (1:00)
16. I'm Deranged (4:31)
17. Thru' These Architects Eyes (4:22)
18. Segue: Nathan Adler (0:28) (remix)
19. Strangers When We Meet (5:07)

Total playing time: 74:36

All songs by Bowie/Eno except 1,2,5,10,12,15 by Bowie/ Eno/ Garson/ Campbell/ Kizilcay/ Gabrels, 2 by Armstrong/Bowie, 4 by Bowie/Eno/Gabrels/Garson/Kizilcay, 11 by Bowie/ Eno/ Gabrels, 17 by Bowie/Gabrels, 7 & 19 by Bowie

Note: an alternate & abridged version of this album was released on LP as 'Excerpts From Outside'. It was subsequently re-released on CD both separatley (as 'Outside Version 2') & as a 2CD package with the original album

David Bowie: Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Keyboards
Brian Eno: Synthesizers, Treatments, Strategies
Reeves Gabrels: Guitar
Erdal Kizilcay: Bass, Keyboards
Mike Garson: Grand Piano
Sterling Campbell: Drums
Carlos Alomar: Rhythm Guitar
Joey Barron: Drums
Yossi Fine: Bass
Tom Frish: Add. Guitar on 'Strangers When We Meet'
Kevin Armstrong: Add. Guitar on 'Thru' These Architect's Eyes'
Bryony, Lola, Josey & Ruby Edwards: Background Vocals on 'The Heart's Filthy Lesson & I Am With Name'

Produced by David Bowie & Brian Eno Co-produced by David Richards
Mixing & add. treatments: David Richards, David Bowie
Recorded at Mountain Studio, Montreux, Switzerland
Mastering: David Richards, Kevin Metcalfe
Assistant engineers: Ben Fenner, Andy Grassi, Jon Goldberger, Domonik
Album design & Image Manipulation: Denovo
Album cover concept: David Bowie, Denovo
Front cover painting: 'Head of DB' (11"x11") acrylic on canvas 1995 by David Bowie
Photo: John Scarisbrick
Stylist: Jennifer Elster

(P) © 1995 Arista/BMG