CAMEL:   A Nod And A Wink

A Nod And A Wink

Good night
tired little eyes.
Time to climb the
wooden hill.

Sleep tight
safe in the night.
Wander through your dreams at will.

The stars are awake
and blinking their silvery tears on the moon.
Don't be afraid,
for carpets of magic can fly through the sky.
It will take you wherever you wish,
but come back to me
the same way that you leave.
In day or night, in dark or light,
just come back to me
the same way that you leave.
Then you can always find me in your dreams.

Simple Pleasures

When she left the room
her perfume Filled the air.
Thirty years gone
it's still there.

How I love to breathe
the air she left behind.
This trick of fortune
fills my mind.

Simple pleasures,
silver treasures.
Take me far, far away..

Faded roses on
a table set for two.
An open window
shares my view.

Out among the fields,
breezes dance and play.
Tender mercies
soothe my day.
Simple pleasures,
silver treasures,
Take me far, far away...

A Boy's Life

I try to see through your eyes
but life keeps changing the view
Are we so unalike?
It's a boy's life after all...
It's a boy's life
after all.

Have 1 really forgotten
the way I felt at fifteen?
When things were taken for granted,
It's a boy's life after all...
It's a boy's life
after all.

Fox Hill

There's a fox on the hill
and he's standing still,
as if he's trying to hide.

My horse is going after him,
he thinks he'll easily catch him
but the Tod is sly.

Lazy days and crazy ways,
the sun is high and I'm feelin' fine.
(and so is ol' Dart)

My horse is unconcerned
as he takes a tricky turn
on the heels of the fox.

But as we come around,
Mr. Tod is off the ground
smiling down from the rocks.

Crazy days and lazy ways,
the sun is nigh and I'm feelin' high.
(it's only rock and roll)

'Well, I'm an artful dodger'
said the fox,
'they never catch me, no!
I lead them all merry dance'.

'I see you're on a pleasure run,
out to have a bit of fun...
perhaps you'd like a game of chance?'

'So may I propose a little game
...if you'll agree.
I wager you'll never catch me!'
And in a flash,
the fox flipped his tail,
my horse took the bit,
and the chase was on...

Now we're back on the hill
we're going faster still.
and we're nose to nose.

Well my horse is going faster
but the fox is going past us,
laughing as he goes!

Crazy daisy, lazy crazy,
Matching Mole; a toad in the hole;
(it's only fox and foal).

I'm just a happy fox and clearly,
you're just foal at heart.
I hope we meet again.
You've made me
oh, such a happy fox.

The Miller's Tale

And the two friends went home.
No need for words, they are as one.
And now summer's over,
the light on the fields grows older.

Squigley Fair (Instrumental)

For Today

I saw a pearl of wisdom
in the spirit of a man,
as he saved
the day he lost.

Time will say I told you so
if we look back in regret.
Never give a day away.
It won't return the same again.

Nothing can last
there are no second chances.
Never give a day away.
Always live for today.

(for the courageous spirit of the High Diver on 11th September)