CAMEL:   Moonmadness

Aristillus (instrumental)

Song Within A Song

The sun has left the sky
Now you can close your eyes
Leave the world behind until tomorrow
The dream is like a song
It leads you on and on
The piper plays his tune so you must follow
So far beyond the sky
Not knowing how or why
You realize this feeling is forever
And though another day
May steal your dreams away
You and the song will always stay together

Chord Change (instrumental)

Spirit Of The Water

See the lights out on the water
Come and go, to and fro
In the time it takes to find them
You can live, you can die
And nothing stops the river as it goes by
Nothing stops the river as it goes
All alone and all together
Every day, come what may
By the time we find each other
We can live, we can die
And nothing stops the river as it flows by
Nothing stops the river as it goes

Another Night

Dark clouds before our eyes
Can't face the morning skies
Day comes a day too soon
I'm waiting for that silver moon
Maybe I'm wrong
But I'm feeling like another night
Would make it alright
Twilight is fading through
Seems like I'm fading too
How can I believe it's real
When nothing starts to stop this wheel?

Air Born

High flying glider, spread your wings
Flying high on a cloud
Born on the air, spiral around
So busy making circles
You never touch the ground
You see the sea, feel the sky
Don't know where you go when you die
Don't know the answers
To what's in my mind
Riding on the wind and turning with the tide
life takes you up, it brings you down
Changes the pain that remains
Keep moving fast, though the wind and the rain
And if the world keeps spinning round
You'll be back again

Lunar Sea (instrumental)