01. Irish Air (0:57) (trad. Gaelic/John Morris)
02. Irish Air(1:57) (Instrumental reprise)
03. Harbour Of Tears (3:12) (Latimer/Hoover)
04. Cobh (0:50) (Latimer/Hoover)
05. Send Home The Slates (4:23) (Latimer/Hoover)
06. Under The Moon (1:16) (Latimer/Hoover)
07. Watching The Bobbins (7:13) (Latimer/Hoover)
08. Generations (1:01) (Latimer/Hoover)
09. Eyes Of Ireland (3:09) (Latimer/Hoover)
10. Running From Paradise (5:20) (Latimer/Hoover)
11. End Of The Day (2:29) (Latimer/Hoover)
12. Coming Of Age (7:21) (Latimer/Hoover)
13. The Hour Candle (A Song For My Father) (23:00) (Latimer/Hoover)

Andrew Latimer: Guitars, Flutes, Keyboards, Vocals, Penny Whistles
Colin Bass: Bass Guitar, Vocal
Karen Bentley: Violin
John Burton: French Horn
Mae McKenna: A Capella Vocal
David Paton: Bass,Vocals
Neil Panton: Oboe, Soprano Sax, Harmonium
Barry Phillips: Cello
Mickey Simmonds: Keys
Anita Stoneham: Violin
John Xepoelas: Drums

Produced by Andy Latimer
Mixed by Colin Bass & Andy Latimer
Edited & mastered by Chris Now

(P) © 1996 Camel Productions/ Pony
Harbour of Tears