01. Return To Tunguska (8:48) (instrumental)
02. More Lost Without You (3:20)
03. Mammagamma 04 (5:06) (instrumental)
04. We Play The Game (5:33)
05. Tijuaniac (5:21) (instrumental)
06. L'Arc En Ciel (5:26) (instrumental)
07. A Recurring Dream Within A Dream (4:06)
08. You Can Run (3:51)
09. Chomolungma (7:45) (instrumental)

Total playing time: 49:19

Return To Tunguska - featuring Shpongle
    Special guest appearance by David Gilmour
    Written by Alan Parsons & Simon Posford
    Simon Posford: Logic Programming & Sequencing
    David Gilmour: Guitar
    Michele Adamson: Processed Vocals
    Simon Posford, Alan Parsons, Lisa Parsons: add. Processed Vocals
More Lost Without You - featuring P.J. Olsson
    Written by Alan Parsons & P.J. Olsson
    P.J. Olsson: Lead Vocals, Nuendo Programming & Sequencing, Backing Vocals
    Alan Parsons: Backing Vocals
Mammagamma (2003) - featuring Jeremy Parsons
    Written by Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson
    Jeremy Parsons: Nuendo Programming & Sequencing
    Alan Parsons: Keyboards
We Play The Game - featuring The Crystal Method
    Music written by Alan Parsons, Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland, lyrics by Alan Parsons
    Alan Parsons: Vocal, Guitars, Keyboards & Bass
    Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland: Digital Performer Programming & Sequencing
    P.J. Olsson: add. Programming
    Scott Kirkland: Keyboards
    Alastair Greene: Lead Guitar
Tijuaniac - featuring Nortec Collective
    Written by Alan Parsons, Pepe Mogt, Jorge Ruiz, Roberto A. Mendoza, Ramon Amezcua & Pedro G. Beas
    Fussible, Bostich, Panoptica, Hiperboreal, P.J Olsson: Programming & Sequencing
L'Arc En Ciel - featuring Uberzone
    Written by Alan Parsons & Tim Wiles
    Tim 'Q' Wiles: Nuendo Programming & Sequencing
    Alan Parsons: Keyboards
    Alastair Greene: Guitar
    Dedicated to Anson Grossfeld (1957 - 2004)
A Recurring Dream Within A Dream - featuring Jeremy Parsons
    A composite of two works - 'A Dream Within A Dream' & 'The Raven'
    Written by Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons
    Jeremy Parsons: Nuendo Programming & Sequencing
    Alan Parsons: Vocals, Vocoder, Slide Guitars & Keyboards
    Orson Welles: Narration
You Can Run - featuring Deep E
    Written by Alan Parsons & David Pack
    David Pack: Vocals, Keyboards & Guitar
    Alan Parsons: Keyboards, Nuendo Programming & Sequencing
    Jeremy Parsons: Nuendo Programming & Sequencing
    P.J. Olsson: add. Programming
Chomolungma - featuring Jeremy Parsons & P.J. Olsson
    Special guest appearance by John Cleese
    Written by Alan Parsons, Jeremy Parsons & P.J. Olsson
    Jeremy Parsons: Nuendo Programming & Sequencing
    P.J. Olsson: Nuendo Programming & Sequencing, Miyo Lungsangma Chants
    Alan Parsons: Keyboards, Miyo Lungsangma Chants
Produced By Alan Parsons
Recorded & mixed at Tunnel Studios, Santa Barbara, California except track 5 - also recorded at The Bomb Shelter, Glendale, California
Engineered by Alan Parsons & P.J. Olsson
Mixes engineered by P.J. Olsson
John Cleese dialogue produced by Denny Somach Executive Producer: Todd Roberts
Management: Bob Ringe, Survival Management (
Cover design: Storm Thorgerson, Peter Curzon & Dan Abbott
Photo: Rupert Truman & Chris Jelly

Thanks to: Lisa, my beautiful wife for her love & support during the making of this album, Jeremy, my son for his talent & long & frequent travels from London to Santa Barbara, Tabitha & Brittni - thanks for the ring tone Brit, John Trickett, Richard Dashut, Todd Roberts & all at 5.1 Entertainment, Terry Shand, Lindsay Brown, Andrew McIntyre & all at Eagle Rock, Steve Martin at The Avenue Fan Club (, Kirk Keister, Bill Neighbors, Lee Abrams (Laser Beam) & Sonny Fox at XM Satellite Radio, DTS, B&W Loudspeakers, Event Electronics, Steinberg, Greg Ladanyi, Rob Hill, Tom Bolton, Steve Garth, Fred Maher, Brian McConnon, Julian Colbeck & Yamaha Corporation Of America, Godfrey Townsend, Steve Murphy, John Montagna, Manny Focarazzo, Chuck Beckler, Kevin Elson, Dave Stevens, Russell Palmer & Alec White, Les Camacho, Ted Keffalo & Event Electronics, Vic & Ryan, Isabel Figueroa and Harrow. A special mention to P.J. Olsson for his great musical & computer talents, his encouragement, & for helping me meet the deadline. Another special mention to Storm Thorgerson for coming through with another great cover under incredibly difficult personal circumstances.

Mastered for Stereo by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood, CA
DVDA Authoring & 5.1 Surround Mastering supervised by Bob Michaels

A portion of the proceeds of this album is being donated to Transition House Family Homelessness Program & The Storm Thorgerson Rehabilitation Trust Fund

Very special thanks to Bob Ringe for his vision & not swearing at me too often

(P) © 2004 5.1 Label Group LLC/
under excl. licence to Sheridan Square Entertainment Inc.
Mfd. & mkt'd. by Artemis Records, a div. of Sheridan Square Entertainment Inc., NY
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