01. The Three Of Me (6:44) (D.Pack/A.Powell) Vocals: David Pack
02. Turn It Up (6:13) (I.Bairnson) Vocals: Chris Thompson
03. Wine From The Water (6:33) (A.Parsons/I.Bairnson) Vocals: Eric Stewart
04. Breakaway (4:43) (A.Parsons) Instrumental
05. Mr. Time (8:17) (S.Elliott/J.Copeland/R.Driscoll) Vocals: Jacqui Copeland
06. Jigue (2:49) (A.Parsons/A.Powell) Instrumental
07. I'm Talkin' To You (4:38) (D.Pack/A.Powell) Vocals: David Pack
08. Siren Song (5:01) (I.Bairnson/F.Musker) Vocals: Eric Stewart
09. Dreamscape (3:01) (A.Parsons) Instrumental
10. Back Against The Wall (4:38) (I.Bairnson) Vocals: Chris Thompson
11. Re-Jigue (2:49) (A.Parsons/A.Powell) Instrumental
12. Oh Life (There Must Be More) (6:34) (D.Pack/A.Parsons) Vocals: David Pack

Total playing time: 60:00

Alan Parsons: Synthesizers, Bass, Guitars, Flute, Backing Vocals
Ian Bairnson: Guitars, Bass, Harmony Guitars, Pedal Steel Guitar, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Stuart Elliott: Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers
David Pack: Guitars, Synthesizers
Jeremy Parsons: Guitars, Synthesizers
Andrew Powell: Pianos, Keyboards, Bass, Synthesizers, Autoharp
Richard Cottle: Saxophone, Synthesizers
Graham Preskett: Violins, Fiddle, Mandolin
Jacqui Copeland: Backing Vocals
The Philharmonia Orchestra arr. & conducted by Andrew Powell

Produced & engineered by Alan Parsons
Assistant engineers: Rupert Coulson & Andy Strange
Recorded at Parsonics, Air Studios, Oct '92 - Aug '93
Orchestra & choir recorded at Arco Studio, Munich, Germany

From the Beatles' Abbey Road, Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' & his work with the likes of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, The Hollies & Al Stewart, to all the classic albums that have carried his name, Alan Parsons has helped shape the sound of rock as we know it today. As the guiding force behind the Alan Parsons Project, albums like 'I Robot', 'Pyramid', 'Eve', 'The Turn Of A Friendly Card', 'Eye In The Sky' & 'Ammonia Avenue' became recognized as some of the most consistently innovative & adventurous music of any time.
  'Try Anything Once', the new album from Alan Parsons, is the result of 100 days of recording at his state-of-the-art home studio in Sussex, England. The new album, his first in six years, features vocal performances by Parsons staples like Chris Thompson (Manfred Mann's Earth Band) & Eric Stewart (10CC) , as well as from newcomers David Pack (Ambrosia) & Jacqui Copeland (Duran Duran). Joining Parsons to form the core band are mainstays Ian Bairnson (guitar), Andrew Powell (keyboards) & Stuart Elliott (drums), all of whom collaborated with Alan on the songwriting.
  Though the album soars far & wide lyrically, offering reflections on life, fate & the soul from a variety of perspectives, Parsons cautions that it's not a unified conceptual statement in the way some of 'The Project's' works were. 'There isn't one consistent theme,' he notes. 'If you find one, I'd like to know about it.' What remains consistent, of course, is Alan's trademark of richly layered, challenging instrumentation that reveals new dimensions, & surprises, with each repeated listening.
  'Try Anything Once' is the culmination, & continued evolution, of an extraordinary career. And, what better way to hear it in all its sonic brilliance than on this bit of incredible technology. So, sit back, & enjoy a truly astounding aural voyage.

(P) © 1993 Parsonics Ltd.
Distributed by BMG

Try Anything Once