01. Voyager (2:14) (Instrumental)
02. What Goes Up... (3:40) Lead Vocal: David Paton (+ Eric Woolfson)
03. The Eagle Will Rise Again (4:22) Lead Vocal: Colin Blunstone
04. One More River (4:16) Lead Vocal: Lenny Zakatek
05. Can't Take It With You (5:06) Lead Vocal: Dean Ford
06. In The Lap Of The Gods (5:29) (Instrumental)
07. Pyramania (2:45) Lead Vocal: Jack Harris
08. Hyper-Gamma-Spaces (4:20) (Instrumental)
09. Shadow Of A Lonely Man (5:34) Lead Vocal: John Miles

Total playing time: 37:49

Bonus tracks [2008 remaster]:

10. Voyager/ What Goes Up/ Eagle Will Raise Again (instrumental) (9:03)
11. What Goes Up Little Voice (early demo) (4:06)
12. Can't Take It With You (early demo) (1:45)
13. Hyper-Gamma-Spaces (Demo) (2:22)
14. The Eagle Will Raise Again (Alternate Version - backing track) (3:20)
15. In The Lap Of The Gods (Part 1 - demo) (3:14)
16. In The Lap Of The Gods (Part 2 - backing track rough mix) (1:58)

Total playing time: 63:40

Music & lyrics by Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons: Acoustic Guitar
Eric Woolfson: Keyboards
David Paton: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Lead Vocal (2)
Ian Bairnson: Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Duncan Mackay: Keyboards
Stuart Elliott: Drums, Percussion

Colin Blunstone: Lead Vocal (3)
Lenny Zakatek: Lead Vocal (4)
Dean Ford: Lead Vocal (5)
Jack Harris: Lead Vocal (7)
John Miles: Lead Vocal (9)

David Katz: Orchestra Contractor, Orchestration, Violin
The English Chorale: Backing Choir
Orchestra & choir arranged & conducted by Andrew Powell
Bob Howes: Choir master
Produced & engineered by Alan Parsons
Executive producer: Eric Woolfson
Assistant engineers: Pat Stapley, Chris Blair
Mastering: Chris Blair
Recorded & mixed at Abbey Road Studios, Sep '77 - Feb '78

Cover design: Hipgnosis
Photos: Hipgnosis-Brimson

Special thanks to: Phil Kenzie, John Leach, Olive Simpson, The English Chorale, Smokey & Hazel, EMI Technical Engineers, Necam, & all at Abbey Road

From the rise & fall of an ancient dynasty, to the quest for a key to unlock the secrets of the universe, this album seeks to amplify the haunting echoes of the past & explore the unsolved mysteries of the present. Pyramid... the last remaining wonder of the ancient world

(P) © 1978 Arista Records Inc.
Distributed by BMG