European release:

01. Sirius (2:25) (H) Instrumental
02. Eye In The Sky (4:55) (H) Vocals: Gary Howard
03. Luciferama (4:56) (F) Instrumental
04. Old And Wise (4:49) (E) Vocals: Gary Howard
05. Psychobabble (5:22) (E) Vocals: Chris Thompson
06. The Raven (5:39) (F) Vocals: Alan Parsons, Gary Howard, Chris Thompson
07. Time (5:08) (R) Vocals: Gary Howard
08. You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned (4:18) (M) Vocals: Chris Thompson
09. Prime Time (5:15) (H) Vocals: Gary Howard
10. Limelight (4:40) (A) Vocals: Chris Thompson
11. Don't Answer Me (4:13) (E) Vocals: Gary Howard, Chris Thompson
12. Standing On Higher Ground (5:30) (R) Vocals: Chris Thompson

Total playing time: 57:08

(P) © 1994 Arcade International

Arcade International

Re-released by Connoisseur Collection, 1998 (UK) & Artful, 1999 (UK)

US release (alternate track order & 3 new studio tracks):

01. Sirius (2:25)
02. Eye In The Sky (5:04)
03. Psychobabble (5:31)
04. The Raven (5:58)
05. Time (5:19)
06. Luciferama (5:04)
07. Old And Wise (4:52)
08. You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned (4:27)
09. Prime Time (5:28)
10. Limelight (4:48)
11. Don't Answer Me (4:28)
12. Standing On Higher Ground (5:17)
13. When (Bairnson) (4:15) (S) Vocals: Chris Thompson
14. Take The Money And Run (Elliott/Powell) (6:18) (S) Vocals: Stuart Elliott
15. You're The Voice (Thompson/Qunta/Ryder/Reid) (5:06) (S) Vocals: Chris Thompson

Total playing time: 74:27

Alan Parsons: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Bairnson: Lead Guitar
Stuart Elliott: Drums, Lead Vocal on 'Take the Money & Run'
Andrew Powell: Keyboards

Gary Howard: Lead Vocals
Chris Thompson: Lead Vocals on 'When' & 'You're The Voice'
Richard Cottle: Keyboards, Sax
Jeremy Meek: Bass, Backing Vocals (live tracks)
Felix Krish: Bass (studio tracks)

Recorded live in:

Hamburg, Germany 5/05/94 (H)
Mannheim, Germany 9/05/94 (M)
Frankfurt, Germany 11/05/94 (F)
Rotterdam, Netherlands 15/05/94 (R)
Essen, Germany 16/05/94 (E)
Antwerp, Belgium 17/05/94 (A)

except (S) - previously unreleased studio tracks

Recorded on tour in Europe May 1994 by Gary Bradshaw & Bill Irving
Produced & mixed by Alan Parsons
Post production at Parsonics, Sussex, England, Oct '94
Production assistance: Ian Bairnson
Additional studio tracks recorded & mixed at Parsonics Studios, Feb '95
Recorded digitally on Tascam DA-88s using Audio Technica Microphones
Mastered at Chop'em Out by Simon Heyworth

Cover design by Storm Thorgerson, Jon Crossland, Peter Curzon
Location photos: Paul Maxon & Storm Thorgerson
Artwork by Julien Mills

Management: Pete Smith, Isis Music

Gary Bradshaw (sound), John Dipple (lighting), Ian Newton, Chris Walker, Lance Miles, Steve Scotton, Rick Graham, Bill Irving, Robert Fleurie, John Wyre, Dean Le Fevre, Jean Claude Monard, Mick Curtiss, Rob Curtain, Graham Ellis & Chris Moynihan

Tour co-ordination: Keith Morris

Special thanks to:
Washburn Acoustics, Mesa Boogie Amps, PRS Guitars, Marshall Amps & Zildjian Cymbals

Special thanks also to:
Pete Smith, Alex Koch de Gooreynd, Jackie Duveen, James Wyllie, Marek Lieberberg, Ossy Hoppe, Tony Ioannou, Andre De Raaff, Steve Vining, Hansi Hoffman, Marc Gregory, Bob Thomas at Tascam, Buzz Goodwin at Audio Technica, Smokey Parsons, Karen Cockerell & Gerda Kittner

(P) © 1995 RCA/BMG Victor
European cover US cover