01. La Sagrada Familia (8:49) Lead Vocal: John Miles
02. Too Late (4:30) Lead Vocal: Lenny Zakatek
03. Closer To Heaven (5:53) Lead Vocal: Eric Woolfson
04. Standing On Higher Ground (5:03) Lead Vocal: Geoff Barradale
05. Money Talks (4:26) Lead Vocal: John Miles
06. Inside Looking Out (6:22) Lead Vocal: Eric Woolfson
07. Paseo De Gracia (3:36) (Instrumental)

Total playing time: 38:43

Bonus tracks [2008 remaster]:

08. Too Late (Eric Woolfson rough guide vocal)
09. Standing On Higher Ground/ Losing Proposition (vocal experiments)
10. Money Talks (Chris Rainbow/ percussion overdubs)
11. Money Talks (rough mix backing track)
12. Closer To Heaven (sax/ Chris Rainbow overdub section)
13. Paseo De Gracia (rough mix)
14. La Sagrada Familia (rough mix)

All tracks written by Eric Woolfson & Alan Parsons © 1985

Eric Woolfson: Pianos & Keyboards, Vocals
Ian Bairnson: Guitars
Stuart Elliott: Drums & Percussion
Laurie Cottle: Bass
Richard 'Trix' Cottle: Synths & Saxes
John Miles, Lenny Zakatek, Geoff Barradale, Chris Rainbow: Vocals
Bob Howes: 'The English Chorale' conductor, Timps
David Cripp: Horns leading
John Heley: 'Cello
Orchestral arrangements by Andrew Powell

Produced by Alan Parsons
Executive producer: Eric Woolfson
Engineered by Alan Parsons & Tony Richards
Recorded at 'The Grange', Benebden, England & at Mayfair Studios, London Oct '85 - Aug '86
UK vinyl mastering: Chris Blair

Recorded 48 track on Sony 3324 Digital Recorders & mixed via an Amek Angela Automated Console to a Sony 1630 System Digital Master

Original art direction: Maude Gilman

This album was inspired by the life & works of Antonio Gaudi (1852-1926), a Catalan architect whose grand conception, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, involves a construction timetable which will run for hundreds of years. He is buried in the crypt of his unfinished masterpiece

(P) © 1987 Arista Records Inc.
Distributed by BMG