FREUDIANA   by Eric Woolfson
Based on material written for a musical 'Freudiana',
its German-language soundtrack was released separately

01. The Nirvana Principle (3:44) Instrumental
02. Freudiana (6:14) Lead vocal: Eric Woolfson
03. I Am A Mirror (4:05) Lead vocal: Leo Sayer
04. Little Hans (3:16) Lead vocal: Graham Dye
05. Dora (3:51) Lead vocal: Eric Woolfson
06. Funny You Should Say That (4:38) Lead vocal: The Flying Pickets
07. You're On Your Own (3:52) Lead vocal: Kiki Dee
08. Far Away From Home (3:11) Lead vocal: The Flying Pickets
09. Let Yourself Go (5:21) Lead vocal: Eric Woolfson
10. Beyond The Pleasure Principle (3:14) Instrumental
11. The Ring (4:19) Lead vocal: Eric Stewart
12. Sects Therapy (3:40) Lead vocal: Frankie Howerd
13. No One Can Love You Better Than Me (5:41)
      Lead vocals: Kiki Dee, Marti Webb, Gary Howard & Eric Woolfson
14. Don't Let The Moment Pass (3:32) Lead vocal: Marti Webb
15. Upper Me (5:09) Lead vocal: Eric Stewart
16. Freudiana (3:44) Instrumental
17. Destiny (0:53) Lead vocal: Chris Rainbow
18. There But For The Grace Of God (5:14) Lead vocal: John Miles

Total playing time: 73:46

Music & lyrics by Eric Woolfson except 'Beyond The Pleasure Principle' music by Alan Parsons

Eric Woolfson: Keyboards
Ian Bairnson: Guitars
Stuart Elliott: Drums & Percussion
Laurie Cottle: Bass
Richard Cottle: Synths & Saxes
Orchestras arranged & conducted by Andrew Powell
Artistic director: Brian Brolly

Produced by Alan Parsons
Engineered by Alan Parsons & Tony Richards
Executive producer: Eric Woolfson
Recorded at The Grange, Abbey Road Studios & Angel Studios, 1988-90

Design & art direction: Roger Huggett/Sinc
Photography of Freud's study & consulting room at The Freud
Museum, 20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 by Nick Bagley

Special thanks to: Wim Schipper, David Rockburger, Professor Fred Stone, Peta & Jools, Richard Wells Allison & Erica & of course Hazel & Smokey for their constant support

Freudiana (froid'i-ana) n. 1. The generic term encompassing the archaeological relics, books & 'objets d'art' collected by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). Contemplation of these items is known to have inspired many of his ideas. 2. The term may be broadly used to include any facet of his life, his works and their derivatives.
  'Freudiana' is the brain child of songwriter & musician Eric Woolfson who hit upon the idea of researching the life & works of Sigmund Freud with a view to their musical potential. Fully aware that doing justice to genius of such magnitude would involve the highest degree of commitment & application, he set out to retrace Freud's footsteps & explore his realms in what turned out to be a voyage of self-discovery. What resulted was not the story of Freud but rather an image of the composer seen through a Freudian mirror.
  Fortunately there was much biographic information available to add clarity to the aura of mystique surrounding this extraordinary man. Freud's homes in London & Vienna, now museums, were truly inspirational. Literary source included Freud's classic cases whose real identities he concealed by use of names such as Wolfman, Ratman, Dora, Little Hans & Schreber, the Judge. In addition, Freud's writings on his discovery of the 'unconscious', his well-known theories such as the 'Oedipus Complex', the 'Ego' & the 'Id' & his great masterpiece, 'The Interpretation Of Dreams' all served as springboards for musical ideas. Also enlightening were Freud's own influences such as the French hypnotist Maitre Jean-Martin Charcot & Freud's group of followers in Vienna who became known as the 'The Wednesday Club'.
  After the initial research & development of the songs, Eric went into the studio with his long time 'Project' partner Alan Parsons & for 3 years, they worked on this recording with the help of literally hundreds of musicians & vocalists.
  About halfway through the recording process, the material was revealed to theatrical producer Brian Brolly, who was associated with many landmark musicals such as 'Cats' & 'Phantom Of The Opera'. With Brian's encouragement & help, they developed the concept still further into a musical & the first stage production of 'Freudiana' has its world premiere in December 1990 in Vienna at the historic 'Theater an der Wien'.
  Although both this recording & the stage musical emanate from the same source & share the same musical compositions, they are quite distinct & different in both style & approach.

© 1990 The Freudiana Music Co. Ltd.
(P) 1990 Freudiana Records Ltd. licenced to EMI Records Ltd.
TM © 1990 Freudiana Holdings Ltd.

Parlophone Odeon

FREUDIANA   (Deutsche Originalaufnahme)
musical soundtrack of the original German cast

01. Freudiana (3:12) Instrumental
02. Kleiner Hans (3:12)
      Vocals: Kai Peterson, Dagmar, Hellberg, Wolfgang Pampel, Regina Lemnitz
03. Ich Bin Dein Spiegel (4:04) Vocals: Felix Martin
04. Es Ist Durchaus Nicht Erwisen (4:46)
      Vocals: Kai Peterson, Ludwig Itgenshorst, Leopold Kern, Viktor Gernot
05. Dora (3:59) Vocals: Kai Peterson
06. Du Bist Allein (4:28) Vocals: Dagmar Hellberg
07. Ausgestossen (4:02) Vocals: Kai Peterson, Ludwig Itgenshorst, Leopold Kern,
      Viktor Gernot, Dagmar Hellberg, Ensemble
08. Doctor Charcot (4:59) Vocals: Norbert Lamla, Gesamtes Ensemble
09. Frau Schmetterling (4:15) Vocals: Graham Pushee, Chorus (Niki Bolen,
      Patrick Brunner, Brian Carmak, Mike Knospe)
10. Der Ring (3:10) Vocals: Mittwachs-Gesellchaft (Eric Minsk, Mario Steller,
      Dean Welterlen, James ; Clark, Wolfgang Pempel, Anthony D'Artagnan,
      Thomas Nesteler, Sam Cole)
11. Vision Dora (3:04) Vocals: (instrumental)
12. Nie War Das Glück So Nah (3:24) Vocals: Karin Zwirner
13. U-Bahn (3:49) Vocals: Kai Peterson, Ensemble
14. Wer Ging Den Weg (5:04) Vocals: Kai Peterson, Ensemble
15. Oedipus-Terzett (6:29) Vocals: Kai Peterson, Dagmar Hellberg,
      Wolfgang Pampel, Chorus
16. Chorus (0:58) Vocals: Chorus
17. Freudiana (4:59) Vocals: Kai Peterson

Total playing time: 67:54

Idee: Eric Woolfson
Originalkonzept Für Das Theater, Brian Brolly
Buch: Eric Woolfson, Brian Brolly,
Lida Winiewicz
Musik & Liedtexte: Eric Woolfsonv Musikalische Beitr?g: Alan Parsons
Deutsch: Lida Winiewicz
Böhnenbild (Stage Setting): Hans Schavernovh
Kostüme: Annette Beaufays, Susanne Schmogner
Lichtdesign: Rick Belzer
Arrangements: Andrew Powell
Musicaliche Leitung: Caspar Richter
Choleographie: Heinz Spoerli
Regie: Peter Weck
Künstkeruscher leiter & produzent
der deutschen original aufnahme: Peter Weck
Exec. Produzent Feudiana Records Ltd: Stellv. Künstl
Leiter: Elmar Ottenthal
Musikalischer Leiter: Caspar Richter
Choreinstudierung: Walter Lochmann
Produktionsleitung: Herwig Ursin, aufgenommen mit dem HEY-U-Studiomobil im Theater an der Wien
Aufnahmetechniker: Ing. Fritz Staudinger, Ger- not Ursin, Peter Naumann
Nachbearbeitung & Mischung: Herwig Ursin

© 1990 The Freudiana Music Co. Ltd.
© 1991 Freudiana Records Ltd.
© 1990 Freudiana Holdings Ltd. (FHL Ltd.)
© Vereinigte Böhnen Wien GmbH (VBW) Design Loys Egg

(P) © 1991 EMI Electrola GmbH (Germany)


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